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The Creation/Evolution Debate

The Triple Whammy

A consideration of some of the reasons the Young-Earth Creationist’s explanation of origins is better than that produced by evolutionists.

Rescuing Darwin

An answer to a booklet that tries to persuade us evolution is compatible with Christianity.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Discussion on Richard Dawkins’ book of ‘evidence’ for evolution.

Denying Evolution

A response to Massimo Pigliucci’s book, published in 2002, which defends evolution against the arguments of creationists.

Evolution of Species

A definition of the phrase ‘evolution of species’.

The Challenge

A step by step calculation demonstrating that the change from a common ancestor to modern man and apes is absolutely impossible. Can you prove otherwise?

How Did He Do That?

A look at science and the Bible to consider what might have happened at the creation.

In a Nutshell

A list of ‘evidences’ demonstrating the clear case for creation.

Specified Complexity

A definition of the phrase ‘specified complexity’ and why it is so important.

Top 10 List Why Anti-Evolutionists are WRONG

A response to a You Tube clip attacking creationism.

The Intelligent Design Movement

The conflict between Creationism and the Intelligent Design Movement.

Internet Discussion

An experience of debating creation/evolution with evolutionists on the Internet.

The Multiverse

A very brief discussion about this theory of how our universe is the way it is.

Reasons to Believe

Some reasons why the theory of origins promoted by the Reasons to Believe web site are not valid.

Junk DNA

In September 2012 the ENCODE project announced that far from being useless, human DNA previously discounted as ‘junk’ does have a function. This has devastating implications for the theory of evolution.

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